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Pedicure and Manicure:

A pedicure and the manicure is a beauty treatment for your feet and hands. In pedicure pedicurist removes dead skin, softens hard skin and shapes and treats toe-nails, and also massages softening and soothing oils and creams into your foot to make it feel as though you are walking on air. Good foot care treats and prevents skin problems such as callouses, as well as in-growing toe nails and related infections. A pedicure can help your posture by enabling you to walk more comfortably.

Same as in manicure a manicurist uses a variety of tools, creams, oils, waxes and massage techniques to clean and shape your nails, care for your cuticles, and generally improve the look and feel of your hands. A manicure should improve the texture and health of both the nails and the skin of your hands, as well as leaving them looking polished and perfect.

WE have a variety of pedicure and manicure both for men and women get – not simply to keep their feet and hands looking best, but as a fun and inexpensive way to pamper themselves. If you’ve never had a professional treatment of your feet and hands then give us a chance to give you best treatment.

Our Variety of Pedicure and Manicure



Regular Pedicure

The traditional pedicure is the regular pedicure. It is an approach to cleaning feet is the one most women use to maintain their toes. The regular pedicure consists of soaking feet in a warm tub of smelly salts and scrubbing with a pumice stone or foot file. This removes the dead skin around the front and back of the foot. The toes are clipped, filed and cleaned, then set out to dry so polish adheres to the nail. While toes nails dry, apply a moisturizer to the foot and calf and massage the leg. Lastly, the toes are painted to a color of your choice.

Wellness Pedicure

Wellness pedicure is a complete Therapeutic touch with all reflexology, acupressure and lymphatic drainage points to give you more relaxation.  This pedicure also includes the important steps of regular pedicure for nail and cuticle care. A combination of all is an extreme therapy spa treatment for the feet. For the people who stand their feet all day or people with aching feet, this is an ideal treatment. That pedicure improves the circulation and soothes tired feet.

Hot Stone Pedicure

Stone pedicures help relax and work out sore muscles, aches and pains in the feet and calves. The pedicure includes the amenities from the regular pedicure. In addition; warm to hot stones are used to rub down the foot to help loosen tight muscles. This Pedicure basically involves the use of various different essential oils that are rubbed with the help of hot stones for the massage of the feet and legs.

Holistic Bodyoptions Specialty

Holistic Bodyoptions specialty pedicure is a Spa pedicure that receives all the basics of the regular pedicure. But this pedicure is an upgrade to the regular pedicure because of a few extra steps during the process. This special pedicure involves a paraffin wax. Dip feet into a paraffin wax and allow the wax to cool completely before simply peeling it off and revealing smooth skin. Spa scrubs are another exfoliation and moisture-enhancing technique, This pedicure is a procedure which cleans and removes the dead skin cells from the feet and toenails. After this you can choose the mask of your choice for your feet which rejuvenates the skin as well as relaxing the muscles. This pedicure will restore and replenish your tired foot.

Anti Aging With Wrap Pedicure

Years can be hard on our feet. Treat them well with this exclusive Anti-Age pedicure. This treatment will soothe rough skin, nourish and restore softness to the feet and cuticles. This pedicure includes the amenities from the regular pedicure but with extra care. Most importantly your feet will be wrapped in an anti aging wrap to reveal smoother, healthier looking skin with anti aging effect.

Margarita Pedicure

Just the word Margarita makes most people feel happy but getting as pedicure or manicure is really rejuvenates the skin as well as relaxing the muscles. But what really sets it apart is the fact that it’ll be an extra care, with more steps and includes the amenities from the regular pedicure. Indulge yourself in a variety of all natural products infused with essence of lemon. The lemon infused oil, scrub, and wrap with will enhance your pedicure experience while soothing and refreshing your skin. The soak is a blend of massage oil, lime essential oil, and cool water. After this unique soak, the feet are dried, and nail and cuticle care is provided.

Crystal Mineral Pedicure

The pedicures are performed like a "ritual "with all manner of unexpected touches which truly make these treatments unique. Specially formulated hydrating mineral soak will give your feet a unique rejuvenated effect and relax your feet and hand muscles.  This pedicure is a special care with some extra steps and also includes the amenities form the regular pedicure.  Come and enjoy this holistic style of pedicure.

French Polish Add On



Paraffin Add-on



Pedicure and Manicure

Pedicure Price

Manicure Price

Pedi-Mani Price


$ 28

$ 18

$ 43   (Reg. $ 46)


$ 35

$ 20

$ 52   (Reg. $ 55)

Hot Stone

$ 40

$ 25

$ 58   (Reg. $ 65)

Holistic Bodyoptions Specialty

$ 48

$ 28

$ 65   (Reg. $ 76)

Anti aging With Wrap

$ 48

$ 28

$ 62   (Reg. $ 76)


$ 55

$ 30

$ 65   (Reg. $ 85)

Crystal Mineral *New

$ 55

$ 30

$ 75   (Reg. $ 85)

With French polish

$ 5

$ 5


Paraffin Add-on

$ 10

















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